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Technical DESCRIPTION Tuna in Oil Tuna Fillet of Vegetable Oil – Tin 354 gr. / Box of 24 pcs. / Cap Plana. Fresh Tuna FEATURES Consistent with Sal precooked tuna loin flake with 10% and 30% to the final product. Royalty defects of the species. With a liquid medium in 60% Vegetable Oil. Drained weight: 240g Package canning in tin flat lid with a period useful for human consumption 4-year life.NOTES The flake in our product can be 10% and 30%; depending on your needs. BENEFITS Excellent Flavor, Color, Odor and Appearance. Low Calorie. Excellent source of protein, they are digested very efficiently metabolised and which results in a high overall nutritional use. Contains Omega 3, which helps preventing platelet aggregation, thrombosis and arteriosclerosis, in combination with a diet full 100% free of saturated fats. Easy to consume food and excellent companion to the greater variety of recipes and combinations preparation. One of the foods best muscle structure of the body, so it is a source of nutrients to rebuild and maintain body cells and cell structure.PRESENTATIONS OIL Lomitos in Vegetable Oil Tuna – Can 354gr / box x 24 units / 20ft container with 1820 boxes