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Orange is the fruit of the sweet orange tree belonging to the genus Citrus of the family Rutaceae . This family contains over 1,600 species. The genus Citrus is the most important family , and consists of about 20 species all edible fruits abundant in vitamin C , flavonoids and essential oils. The fruits, called Hesperides , have the peculiarity that the pulp is formed by numerous vesicles filled with juice. The sweet orange is the most cultivated of all citrus , the most important species of the genus Citrus . More common varieties .. Navelate : inconspicuous navel , juicy, very sweet. It remains on the market since late February to late May. Newhall variety that is often confused with the former, since their features are almost identical except that the maturity index is more advance. Washington or Bahia: variety with strong presence in peru , good color and excellent quality. The consummation period is usually from early October to mid-April Ambersweet : skin is firm and slightly thick but easy to peel and the flesh is similar to the Clementine mandarin flavor. Packaged in bags of 5 or 10 kg , depending on our annual production sale and demand for the product